Chip in Glass VFD (CIG VFD)
Features of CIG VFD.


CIGVFD is the VFD with a driver IC mounted on it. In many cases, a conventional full dot matrix type or 5×7 dots type had difficulty to be designed because of too many lead terminals. By mounting the driver IC chip on VFD base plate, the leads needed to drive the VFD are only for power supply and signal. It is a drastic reduction of external leads.


1. The small package which couldn't  be realized so far, the VFD of the  big capacity indication and high density can be realized. 2.Because wiring on the circuit board decrease, circuit board design becomes easy, and a development period can be shortened. 3.This VFD can reduce the cost of PWB. 4.The number of the lead terminal were drastically reduced to several connections to the PWB, which reduces the manufacturing complexity. 5. Since the VFD is constructed with driver  IC,no external driver is necessary. 6.The VFDis a custom designproduct.When employing the VFD design,the peripheral devices can now be standardized.


Graphic, Hybrid, 5×7 dots matrix type
Structure of Chip In Glass VFD


Structure of Chip In Glass VFD





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